Letters of reference required for O1 Visa

Letters of reference required for O1 Visa

Letters of reference required for O1 Visa

There are certain criteria that must be kept in mind when deciding on the the content of the letters of reference for your O1 Visas. You need at least three letters of reference to start with. Ideally, you need more than three letters of reference at the end. Moreover, these letters cannot be just any letters of reference. They should specifically point to your well above average achievements and the authors knowledge of your achievements . Another thing that you need to include along with your letters of reference are newspaper reviews, magazine reviews, website articles, your quotes in another author’s publication and details of the most prestigious shows that you have been a part of. This article examines some of the main things to take care of while dealing with letters of reference for your O1 Visas.

Photos speak a thousand words

Photos can be used to depict a thousand words when dealing with O1 Visas. So, if you have pictures that showcase some of your unusual skills and clearly indicate the kind of talent that you have, a photo could be an ideal addition to your O1 Visa application. There have been numerous instances where photos actually helped O1 Visa applicants to win their case, despite the fact that they didn’t really have any major reviews to bank upon.

Always take care of the basics

There are a few boxes that need to be checked in order to qualify for the O1 Visa. This means that you definitely need those letters of reference, but you also need memos from people or organizations planning to hire you, and you need letters from the unions and organization within your field of expertise. These things are just some of the basics that you need to deal with while applying for an O1 Visa.

It’s not just about what is said in these letters, it is also about who who writes them

Isn’t this part actually quite obvious? A letter from your mother stating how amazing and talented you are isn’t really going to help your case. What you need is letters of reference from renowned and prestigious people in the industry. These people could belong to your industry in your own country or they could be members of the international community. Apart from who writes these letters, what is written in these letters is equally important. A letter of reference should always make it clear why you should be chosen for an O1 Visa and what makes you stand out as a talented individual. The letter of reference should clearly indicate your talents as well as your specialties.

How do you deal with reference letters if you haven’t won or been nominated for any major awards?

Let’s face it. Very few people actually win a major award or get nominated for them. Moreover, all fields do not have internationally or nationally recognized awards either. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot apply for the O1 Visa. You might rank among the top individuals in your field, but still might not have any awards to boast of, simply because of the fact that none such awards exist in your field. In this case, proving that you belong among the very best is more than enough. And this is where those letters of reference play such a huge role.

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