David, O-1 Visa Attorney

David, Attorney of Law in NYC, shows you how to Build Your Case for the O1 Visa


David, an Attorney of Law in NYC, recently appeared as a guest speaker at a webinar hosted by Stern Deeds. In this interview, David helps O1 Visa applicants to understand how to build on the materials needed for the O1 Visa and helps them to realize the best ways of presenting the visas. David began his journey in the US as one of the most poorest people from Africa seeking political asylum. He obtained his first O1 Visa CASE in the year 1992 and has managed to transform himself into one of the most talented individuals in the world. In his interview, David states that he was certainly working overtime in the television industry in the US to support himself, but he also began to concentrate more on law. At this point of his life, David had only done a couple of shows for fundraisers that helped the children who survived the Tsunami attacks in Japan. No wonder, many of David’s clients are Japanese and artists and musicians from Brooklyn.


David mentions that Stern Deeds LLC is doing about 75% of his work and are directly working with artists to help them cover each and every aspect of their visas as well as their life in the US. Because of David’s background as a magician in the 80s and an artist in NYC, David believes that he has the knowledge on how to build a case and how to make something look convincing to get it approved from the immigration service.


In his interview, David also stresses on the importance of outstanding written presentations because they can make or break the O1 Visa application. He believes that even though there are a number of ways to deal with the immigration  service, one of the best ways is to actually be able to prove the extraordinary ability of the individual. And the best way of doing that is through the right kind of written presentations.


David also talks about how the right kind of presentation can be made. He gives the example of a person who has been involved with photography for a year, but has already managed to do photo shoots for a Toyota car. David says that this in itself is equivalent to getting an award because the fact that a world famous brand like Toyota chose the 22 year individual over thousands of other applicants speaks volumes of his/ her ability. And this is exactly the kind of evidence that states that the concerned individual has won an award. The award being the chance to shoot for one of the most famous car brands in the world at an extremely tender age.


David mentions that it is also important to understand what the term extraordinary really means. When you say that you are extraordinary, you need to compare yourself to others in your own field and compare your specializations with them. For example, when you say that you’re extraordinary because you managed to land a dream photo shoot with a TV Show, the brand also matters a lot. With thousands of TV shows available and with the addition of so many channels on television, there are thousands of individuals who are doing TV shows as well. However, when you say that you worked on a TV show with NBC, you automatically say that you’re among the best, simply because of the fact that NBC is one of the largest channels and they have a huge pool of artists to choose from. Thus, if you’re working for a larger station that also boasts of a larger number of viewers, that might be termed as extraordinary.


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