Making the process simple

Making the process simple

The Process of the O-1 visa application can be very costly, time consuming and technical. Not many individuals in the entertainment industry have time to complete this process alone, this is why Stern Deeds, LLC guides you through the process to avoid any set backs.

Here at Stern Deeds we can save you money, time and stress. How are we different you ask? Well it’s simple!

Our friendly and helpful client personnel will be more than happy to assist you 24 hours a day to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding your O1 visa application. Our prices are reasonable and affordable we also offer payment plans. We care for our clients and we take pride in helping you become successful here in the United States. Stern Deeds understands transiting to work and live in the U.S can be overwhelming so our assistance doesn’t stop once your application is approved.

We do not treat our clients like a pay check we treat them like family. As a result, our courteous staff is always more than happy to provide you with information and provide you with services created to make your stay as pleasant as possible. You can contact Stern Deeds, LLC for free consultation, affordable portfolio prices, as well as, member benefits. we can assist with all aspects of obtaining a O-1 work visa, maintaining it, and connecting you with individuals and companies that may hire you, upon your O-1 visa approval.

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