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O1 Visa Tips

Here are some tips that can help you build your portfolio to file for the O1 visa. *Remember pictures say a thousand words.

Gather any and all evidnce related to your professional endeavors including but not limited to:

still shots, photographs,

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Agent Vs Employer

The Difference between an Employer Petitioning For Your O1B Visa V.S An Agent Petitioning For The O1A Visa

An O1 Visa is offered to specially talented people with exceptional abilities who wish to pursue their dreams in the US.

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O1 Visa Deal Memos

An O-1B Visa deal memo is a draft that is written up before an individual receives their visa. It is usually created to highlight the terms that both parties will sign to legally abide document once the visa is issued.

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Letter Of Recommendation

Any alien wishing to enter the United States of America is required to apply for a non- immigrant temporary work visa. The O1B visa is applicable to aliens in the fields of the arts, television and motion pictures and who have been recognition for their achievements.

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