O1 Visa and Stern Deeds, LLC

O1 Visa and Stern Deeds, LLC

O1 visa and Stern Deeds LLC

The O-1B Visa is issued by the U.S Citizenship and Migration Services to individuals who have made extraordinary contributions in arts or motion picture and television industry. The O-1B Visa is issued for an initial period of three years and afterwards it can be extended every year for unlimited number of times.
The O1 Visa Sponsor is very important for artists obtaining the O1 Visa. Stern Deeds LLC is a O1 Visa Sponsor based in the US. The Visa sponsors play a great role in assisting O1 Visa applicants in various areas. The example of Stern Deeds LLC will serve better to illustrate the crucial role played by companies to the applicants of O1 Visa.

During the O1 Visa application process Stern Deeds LLC uses its extensive networks to help the artists to be granted the O1 visa. The company also connects the artist with a prospective O1 Visa employer. These can be individuals or companies who end up employing the artist on approval of the 01 Visa applications. The company has highly qualified professionals who provide consultancy on relocation, work assistance, mentoring and career guidance.

The application process starts with the appointment of a petitioner (in this case Stern Deeds LLC). Stern advises its clients to contact former employers for recommendation letters which are attached as evidence when making the application. This can be peers, teachers and former workmates who know you well. Then collect evidence of any awards won if any, collect all articles about you or your work, deal memos from potential employers. These are the documents that Stern Deeds will help you prepare.

The resulting portfolio is submitted to the Department of Homeland Security.

Finding a home for the artists

Finding a home from where to operate is very important for foreign artists who are visiting the US for the first time. The sponsors provide the artist with connections on how to get the best home while working in the US. The sponsor also helps the talented artists from getting conned by scammers when looking for accommodation.

Means of Movement

The sponsor will supply to the artist all information with regard to means of travelling around U.S. That way as a new artist in the country, an artist will find his or her way around to auditions, gigs and networking events among others. The sponsor gives various options including buying a new car, using public transportation and renting a car.


The sponsor will provide advice on the most appropriate means of communication that the artist will use on arrival in the U.S.

The sponsor will also organize on how the artists will get financial services from the American banks. The sponsor companies are responsible for creating useful contact for the visiting artists. That way the 01 Visa applicants will be able to meet reliable roommates and other information on exclusive events around the country.

After submitting the paper work, it takes up to 90 days for the Homeland Security department to respond. For some cases, it takes weeks to receive response. If your case has some emergence, there is a fee of $1,500 that will see you getting a response in 15 days.

You can start working immediately after visa approval if you are in the US. Those artists based in other countries will have to visit the US consulate to get their passports stamped with the US visa.

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