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Artist Coming to America

So you want to come and work in America?


In South America, an award-winning artist dreams of his own exhibit in New York City, in Tokyo a distinguished fashion designer hopes to spread her clothing line to Los Angeles and in Paris, an author is determined to advance his decorated career in the States.


Each year America welcomes a new round of professionals in the creative field, to come and work and advance their careers through the O-1 Visa; otherwise referred to as the Artist’s Visa or the visa for people with extraordinary talents and or gifts.


According to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, To qualify for an O-1 visa, the professional must demonstrate extraordinary ability by sustained national or international acclaim and must be coming temporarily to the United States to continue work in the area of extraordinary ability. Extraordinary ability in the field of arts means distinction. Distinction means a high level of achievement in the field of the arts evidenced by a degree of skill and recognition substantially above that ordinarily encountered to the extent that a person described as prominent is renowned, leading, or well-known in the field of arts.


Many people are a lot more extraordinary than they think, and it usually comes down to a matter of organization of their prior experience, and getting the right information about the long and complicated process of obtaining an O-1 Visa.


Here are a few things to consider if you’re seriously looking at the O-1 Visa as your next career move:


● Are you extraordinary? Do you have any awards in your field from a contest you entered or a competition you were in? Are you published? Do you have anything that says that you are good at what you do? Don’t overlook even the smallest recognition you received in the past; any of those things can make your case of being extraordinary stronger. Keep anything and everything that may be evidence to prove your extraordinary abilities.


● Do you know anyone in the United States who could act as a sponsor? When applying for the O-1 Visa, the candidate must have a sponsor. Think of a co-worker, or friend who could act as your sponsor and vouch for your professional abilities. If you don’t have anyone, research some U.S. entities willing to act as your sponsor. For ex: modeling agency, future employer, sponsorship/visa company like Stern Deeds.

● Seek legal advice or counsel or look to a company that can assist you in the process of getting an O-1 visa. The process can be done alone if a person really wants, but considering getting help will take some stress off, especially since this is an extremely complicated process and requires distinct legal jargon.

● Letters of Recommendation, think of anyone willing to write you a letter of recommendation–this adds to the evidence for your claim of being extraordinary.

● Research–the more you know about the process, the less stressful it will be. Communicate when you are confused about something, ask a lot of questions and read up on the latest O-1 Visa news. A simple online search will provide you with a lot of information.

● Relax, trust the process and the people working with you through it. Not many people get denied right off the bat, they get what is called an RFE (Request for more Evidence) which just means you’re off to a great start, but need a little more.


Some resources, where you can read up about the O-1 Visa, are the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website ( or visit and schedule a consultation.

David, O-1 Visa Attorney

David, Attorney of Law in NYC, shows you how to Build Your Case for the O1 Visa


David, an Attorney of Law in NYC, recently appeared as a guest speaker at a webinar hosted by Stern Deeds. In this interview, David helps O1 Visa applicants to understand how to build on the materials needed for the O1 Visa and helps them to realize the best ways of presenting the visas. David began his journey in the US as one of the most poorest people from Africa seeking political asylum. He obtained his first O1 Visa CASE in the year 1992 and has managed to transform himself into one of the most talented individuals in the world. In his interview, David states that he was certainly working overtime in the television industry in the US to support himself, but he also began to concentrate more on law. At this point of his life, David had only done a couple of shows for fundraisers that helped the children who survived the Tsunami attacks in Japan. No wonder, many of David’s clients are Japanese and artists and musicians from Brooklyn.


David mentions that Stern Deeds LLC is doing about 75% of his work and are directly working with artists to help them cover each and every aspect of their visas as well as their life in the US. Because of David’s background as a magician in the 80s and an artist in NYC, David believes that he has the knowledge on how to build a case and how to make something look convincing to get it approved from the immigration service.


In his interview, David also stresses on the importance of outstanding written presentations because they can make or break the O1 Visa application. He believes that even though there are a number of ways to deal with the immigration  service, one of the best ways is to actually be able to prove the extraordinary ability of the individual. And the best way of doing that is through the right kind of written presentations.


David also talks about how the right kind of presentation can be made. He gives the example of a person who has been involved with photography for a year, but has already managed to do photo shoots for a Toyota car. David says that this in itself is equivalent to getting an award because the fact that a world famous brand like Toyota chose the 22 year individual over thousands of other applicants speaks volumes of his/ her ability. And this is exactly the kind of evidence that states that the concerned individual has won an award. The award being the chance to shoot for one of the most famous car brands in the world at an extremely tender age.


David mentions that it is also important to understand what the term extraordinary really means. When you say that you are extraordinary, you need to compare yourself to others in your own field and compare your specializations with them. For example, when you say that you’re extraordinary because you managed to land a dream photo shoot with a TV Show, the brand also matters a lot. With thousands of TV shows available and with the addition of so many channels on television, there are thousands of individuals who are doing TV shows as well. However, when you say that you worked on a TV show with NBC, you automatically say that you’re among the best, simply because of the fact that NBC is one of the largest channels and they have a huge pool of artists to choose from. Thus, if you’re working for a larger station that also boasts of a larger number of viewers, that might be termed as extraordinary.


Letters of reference required for O1 Visa

Letters of reference required for O1 Visa

There are certain criteria that must be kept in mind when deciding on the the content of the letters of reference for your O1 Visas. You need at least three letters of reference to start with. Ideally, you need more than three letters of reference at the end. Moreover, these letters cannot be just any letters of reference. They should specifically point to your well above average achievements and the authors knowledge of your achievements . Another thing that you need to include along with your letters of reference are newspaper reviews, magazine reviews, website articles, your quotes in another author’s publication and details of the most prestigious shows that you have been a part of. This article examines some of the main things to take care of while dealing with letters of reference for your O1 Visas.

Photos speak a thousand words

Photos can be used to depict a thousand words when dealing with O1 Visas. So, if you have pictures that showcase some of your unusual skills and clearly indicate the kind of talent that you have, a photo could be an ideal addition to your O1 Visa application. There have been numerous instances where photos actually helped O1 Visa applicants to win their case, despite the fact that they didn’t really have any major reviews to bank upon.

Always take care of the basics

There are a few boxes that need to be checked in order to qualify for the O1 Visa. This means that you definitely need those letters of reference, but you also need memos from people or organizations planning to hire you, and you need letters from the unions and organization within your field of expertise. These things are just some of the basics that you need to deal with while applying for an O1 Visa.

It’s not just about what is said in these letters, it is also about who who writes them

Isn’t this part actually quite obvious? A letter from your mother stating how amazing and talented you are isn’t really going to help your case. What you need is letters of reference from renowned and prestigious people in the industry. These people could belong to your industry in your own country or they could be members of the international community. Apart from who writes these letters, what is written in these letters is equally important. A letter of reference should always make it clear why you should be chosen for an O1 Visa and what makes you stand out as a talented individual. The letter of reference should clearly indicate your talents as well as your specialties.

How do you deal with reference letters if you haven’t won or been nominated for any major awards?

Let’s face it. Very few people actually win a major award or get nominated for them. Moreover, all fields do not have internationally or nationally recognized awards either. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot apply for the O1 Visa. You might rank among the top individuals in your field, but still might not have any awards to boast of, simply because of the fact that none such awards exist in your field. In this case, proving that you belong among the very best is more than enough. And this is where those letters of reference play such a huge role.

Making the process simple

Making the process simple

The Process of the O-1 visa application can be very costly, time consuming and technical. Not many individuals in the entertainment industry have time to complete this process alone, this is why Stern Deeds, LLC guides you through the process to avoid any set backs.

Here at Stern Deeds we can save you money, time and stress. How are we different you ask? Well it’s simple!

Our friendly and helpful client personnel will be more than happy to assist you 24 hours a day to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding your O1 visa application. Our prices are reasonable and affordable we also offer payment plans. We care for our clients and we take pride in helping you become successful here in the United States. Stern Deeds understands transiting to work and live in the U.S can be overwhelming so our assistance doesn’t stop once your application is approved.

We do not treat our clients like a pay check we treat them like family. As a result, our courteous staff is always more than happy to provide you with information and provide you with services created to make your stay as pleasant as possible. You can contact Stern Deeds, LLC for free consultation, affordable portfolio prices, as well as, member benefits. we can assist with all aspects of obtaining a O-1 work visa, maintaining it, and connecting you with individuals and companies that may hire you, upon your O-1 visa approval.

O1 Visa and Stern Deeds, LLC

O1 visa and Stern Deeds LLC

The O-1B Visa is issued by the U.S Citizenship and Migration Services to individuals who have made extraordinary contributions in arts or motion picture and television industry. The O-1B Visa is issued for an initial period of three years and afterwards it can be extended every year for unlimited number of times.
The O1 Visa Sponsor is very important for artists obtaining the O1 Visa. Stern Deeds LLC is a O1 Visa Sponsor based in the US. The Visa sponsors play a great role in assisting O1 Visa applicants in various areas. The example of Stern Deeds LLC will serve better to illustrate the crucial role played by companies to the applicants of O1 Visa.

During the O1 Visa application process Stern Deeds LLC uses its extensive networks to help the artists to be granted the O1 visa. The company also connects the artist with a prospective O1 Visa employer. These can be individuals or companies who end up employing the artist on approval of the 01 Visa applications. The company has highly qualified professionals who provide consultancy on relocation, work assistance, mentoring and career guidance.

The application process starts with the appointment of a petitioner (in this case Stern Deeds LLC). Stern advises its clients to contact former employers for recommendation letters which are attached as evidence when making the application. This can be peers, teachers and former workmates who know you well. Then collect evidence of any awards won if any, collect all articles about you or your work, deal memos from potential employers. These are the documents that Stern Deeds will help you prepare.

The resulting portfolio is submitted to the Department of Homeland Security.

Finding a home for the artists

Finding a home from where to operate is very important for foreign artists who are visiting the US for the first time. The sponsors provide the artist with connections on how to get the best home while working in the US. The sponsor also helps the talented artists from getting conned by scammers when looking for accommodation.

Means of Movement

The sponsor will supply to the artist all information with regard to means of travelling around U.S. That way as a new artist in the country, an artist will find his or her way around to auditions, gigs and networking events among others. The sponsor gives various options including buying a new car, using public transportation and renting a car.


The sponsor will provide advice on the most appropriate means of communication that the artist will use on arrival in the U.S.

The sponsor will also organize on how the artists will get financial services from the American banks. The sponsor companies are responsible for creating useful contact for the visiting artists. That way the 01 Visa applicants will be able to meet reliable roommates and other information on exclusive events around the country.

After submitting the paper work, it takes up to 90 days for the Homeland Security department to respond. For some cases, it takes weeks to receive response. If your case has some emergence, there is a fee of $1,500 that will see you getting a response in 15 days.

You can start working immediately after visa approval if you are in the US. Those artists based in other countries will have to visit the US consulate to get their passports stamped with the US visa.