Fabrizio Famá – Editor – Italy

   29 Jul 2014

Hello everyone, my name is Fabrizio, I am Italian, Sicilian to be precise. I’m a 10 years old experience video editor. I have always had a passion for film and have always this dream: to become a film editor for the big budget film, such as those that are made in Hollywood. One
thing was certain, no matter how beautiful was the land where I was born, Sicily, I could not stay there to pursue my dream. So I took a final decision. Moving to America, New York.

Unfortunately, like all those who are reading my words right now, knows that is not that simple. You need to have a visa to be able to work legally in America. I first decided to go to America using the “classic” 90 days with the ESTA program, just to feel a little soil. Meet people and make public relation was my only goal at the beginning. So I went to meet ups, talked to lawyers in the city and to people who work in my own field. And that’s  how I first met Nimmers and his company Stern Deeds LLC.

During my first meeting with Nimmers, I realized that in addition to a lawyer and to my portfolio I needed a sponsor, better known as petitioner.Thanks to him I learned many things I didn’t know. Nimmers was friendly and polite from the very first moment. And little by little I started to see in him and in his company Stern Deeds a potential sponsor that would have helped me with no doubt in order to get the much desired O-1 visa.

Stern Deeds made me realize that I really was an alien with extraordinary abilities, and that I did not need to be the winner of the Academy Award to be able to obtain the O-1 visa.
So I decided to do business with him. And guess what. In two months after my visit to USA I got my O-1 visa!
All my friends did not believe it. They could never imagine it could be possible to obtain a visa in such a short time. Of course I had to collect many documents about my working life.

It’s not just a question of money, Nimmers once you’re in business with him, really wants you to get your visa and can start your new life here in the States.
Also he never bothered me for the payment, he has the ideal solution for everyone, and most important thing, once you have your visa and you are in USA, he doesn’t abandon you. Nimmers invited me to attend a meeting and invited me in social network groups, which have
helped me to find work.

Now I live in New York, the city where everything is possible. And thank to Nimmers and his company I managed to get my visa and to realize my dreams, you can succeed too. Just rely on the right person.

– Fabrizio Famá – Editor – Italy

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