Janet Doman – Make up artist – Paris

   27 Jan 2015



Hello 🙂

My name is Janet, I am Makeup Artist based in Paris. I came to New York 2 years ago and I was looking for a sponsor.. I found a company which was very good after a year, but he left after we have started the process … paying the lawyer, letters of references etc…. Just when I thought my O1 was on hold, I found Stern Deeds, LCC. They are amazing.


Their Staff is very professional and nice. Dynamic and reactive. I am so happy to found them.. They are the perfect sponsor I could ever have. “Everything happens for a reason” Stern Deeds LCC, we do networking events which helped me to get new jobs. “We are up all night to get lucky” 🙂 yay


Janet Doman – Make up artist – Paris

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