Tomer Sinai – Film Maker – Israel

   18 Feb 2015


Tomer 5Hello everyone,

My name is Tomer and I’m an Israeli film-maker.

After making a major career shift a couple of years ago, I came to NYC in order to learn film-making, after which I started working very hard in the business and building myself a network and experience in the field.


When the expiration date of my student visa was drawing nigh, I tried, like many of my talented foreign colleagues, to find a solution to help me stay in the country legally, so I could keep pursuing my dreams and use my full potential.


Thanks to Stern Deeds, I was able to join a team of wonderful, international and professional people and find the opportunity to keep growing in what I do best.

I don’t what I would have done without their kind, efficient, friendly and professional assistance.


Their help with my process of getting the visa, I’m currently on was, and still is, beyond amazing. With the help of Stern Deeds, I am able to write these lines from my apartment in NY, USA while I’m working on making new films. I’m proud to be one of their deeds. I would recommend any artist who has a fire in their heart to build and grow in the US to reach out to Stern Deeds, chase your dream, and make it real.

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