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Tips for Providing Quality Evidence for your O-1 Visa

The O-1 Visa is considered to be an excellent solution for all those specially talented individuals who wish to work in the US. A number of companies in the US have always been attracted to special talent from abroad and anyone with recognition in their field can think of applying for an O-1 Visa in order to work in the US.

Those looking to obtain such visas must show that they are individuals of extraordinary ability in the movie or television industry, sciences, arts, athletics, business or education. Such visa allows individuals to stay in the US for about 3 years with further extensions available if the applicant can prove that he/ she is still outstanding in the chosen field. Thus, the O-1 Visa is an ideal solution for all those who do not qualify for the H-1B Visa. Here are a few tips on how to offer quality evidence for all those applying for the O-1 Visa.

Lead/ Starring Roles actually mean the Lead/ Starring Roles

Your evidence should clearly indicate that you have been offered the lead/ starring role in the television show/ movie and it should also explain how the role is being considered as a lead/ starring role for the event, production, etc. Some of the items that can be included in evidence include advertisements, reviews, flyers, endorsements, publicity releases, etc. Furthermore, this evidence can be online or in a printed format.

Establish the reputation and importance of the production in which you have performed

It is essential for individuals applying for the O-1B Visa to establish the reputation and the importance of the production in which they have performed.

This evidence can include items like viewership figures, box office sales, endorsements, publicity releases, critics reviews, information about the producer and information about the distributor.

Understanding what comes under “press”

It is important to understand that press can include interviews, critics reviews and articles that have been written directly about the concerned individual in leading journals, publications, newspapers or magazines. Remember, Wikipedia cannot be categorized as press. While offering details of articles/ interviews, it is important to establish the circulation of the publication in concern.

Letters of recommendation should focus on achievements

The letters of recommendation submitted by the applicant should always focus on the achievements of the applicant, rather than his/ her talent. If your letter of recommendation does not offer extensive biographies of your achievements, don’t forget to include your personal resume along with the application.

Remember, taking care of what you submit in your evidence and ensuring that it meets the standards set by the USCIS can be the ultimate difference between your visa getting accepted or rejected.

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