O1 Visa Tips

Here are some tips that can help you build your portfolio to file for the O1 visa. *Remember pictures say a thousand words.

Gather any and all evidnce related to your professional endeavors including but not limited to:

still shots, photographs, press articles about you or your work, membership identification cards, and promotional materials including post cards, posters, and leaflets. Let Stern Deeds and our attorney decide whether or not to include the submitted evidence in your visa petition. It is better to submit unnecessary documents to us than to have your visa petition submitted to immigration without something that may prove to be very beneficial to your case.

Actively seek out resume building activities:

Your reputation in your field of endeavor will be a vital component of your visa application. Get as much experience possible with companies and production that have distinguished reputation.

Join industry organizations such as Equity, Spotlight, SAG, and IMDB. Join professional industry organizations.

If you are seeking an O-1 visa, start thinking about agencies or companies that might be willing to sponsor you. Stern Deeds, LLC can sponsor your O1 visa.

Act as your own PR manager.

Some artist visa categories require evidence of published materials about the performer in major newspapers or trade magazines. This is something that can happen organically in an actor’s career, where newspapers independently write about the actor. However, actors can also take it upon themselves to contact major media and trade magazines promoting themselves as a story. For example, we have heard that calling major media in your home country and telling them about your career can be effective.

Do not underestimate the value of recommendation letters. These letters can be a powerful tool in making your O1 visa case strong. Stern Deeds is actively involved in the letter writing process, from giving their clients samples and writing the letters for them.

Presentation, Presentation Presentation! All documents should be submitted in color and quality paper. You portfolio should be attractive to the immigration officer.

Do not send your immigration attorney originals. Send the attorney colored copies instead.

Network and maintain relationships with professionals within your industry:

O1B visa category requires recommendation letters from known experts in your field. Because of this it is essential that you build your contact base and stay on good terms with possible references. Your references can be directors, actors, politicians, other persons of note, or experts in your field.Stern Deeds will insist that they assist and advise your references with the drafting of the letters so that they meet the standards expected by US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Be organized in the submission of you documentation to Stern Deeds. Use post-it-notes to clearly label everything and do not assume that we will be able to match still shots to the relevant production.

Do not assume you are not qualified for a O1 visa until an experienced immigration professional gives a through review of your credentials.

Do not sell yourself short by assuming that a role is unworthy of mention. Even the smallest role in a local production

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