Top Myths About the O-1 Visa

Top Myths About the O-1 Visa

The O-1 Visa helps individuals with special talents and achievements to work in the US without having to go through the complex procedures of the other work

visas that the USCIS has to offer. However, despite the excellent support documents offered by the USCIS on its website with regards to the O-1 Visa, there are

a number of O-1 Visa misconceptions that have been floating around. This article tries to clear out some of the myths surrounding the O-1 Visa.

Myth # 1 – You need to be world famous to get an O-1 Visa

It certainly helps to be famous, but being famous isn’t a pre-requisite for the O-1 Visa. You need to have proof that you have excelled in your field and this needs

to be backed by press reviews and articles in TV programs, newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. However, since there is no golden standard for what qualifies

for “adequate press”, you should ideally take assistance from qualified O-1 Visa agents to check if you have enough material for a case.

Myth # 2 – You need to win an Academy Award or the Nobel Prize to get an O-1 Visa

An internationally recognized award certainly does wonders to your O-1 Visa application, but again, it is not mandatory. In order to qualify for the visa, you must

successfully be able to demonstrate your outstanding and extraordinary ability in your field with the help of sustained international or national acclaim. Those who

don’t have an internationally recognized award can also make their case by submitting evidence from 3 out of the 8 categories mentioned by the USCIS.

Myth # 3 – You can sponsor your own O-1 Visa

Many people believe that it is possible to sponsor their own O-1 Visas. However, in order to apply for an O-1 Visa, you must be sponsored by a US company or a

US based agent. If you get an employer to sponsor you, your visa is only valid as long as you work with the employer. However, this doesn’t mean that you need

to pay exorbitant amounts of money to agents to get your O-1 Visas sponsored. Stern Deeds, LLC offers extremely affordable charges for sponsoring the O-1

Visa and also offer access to a vast range of free services and networking events.

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