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Helping Talented & Creative Individuals From Around the World Pursue Their Careers in the USA

Are you looking for an O1 sponsor to build a career in the United States? Look no further beyond Stern Deeds Media and Entertainment solutions to file your petition for an international artist visa.

We are an O-1 Visa management and production company that offers a comprehensive array of services to help artists of extraordinary ability live and work in the US. Based out of Long Island City, New York, we have helped over 100 people across the globe obtain their legal residential rights in the United States.


What is an O-1 Visa?

The O-1 Visa relates to a non-immigrant employment-related status that serves as a legal authorization for artists to live and work as freelancers in the US.

Anyone who has done exceptional work in the fields of art, entertainment, science, sports, technology, and other genres and has the necessary qualifications is eligible for an O-1 Visa. The definition of exceptional is very broad, so we encourage anyone who thinks they may have a case to get in touch with us.

How We Can Help You

We act as your O-1 Visa sponsor for multiple employers and put you in touch with professional lawyers who have the knowledge and the expertise to complete your entire application process in a quick and hassle-free manner. Our goal is to provide you with the best O-1 Visa service and advice that puts you on your path to success.

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Thanks to Stern Deeds I was able to join a team of wonderful, international and professional people and find the opportunity to keep growing in what I do best. I don’t what I would have done without their kind, efficient, friendly and professional assistance.

Tomer Sinai
Film Maker – Israel

Working with Stern Deeds to obtain my O1 visa was very straightforward. Stern Nimmers and Valerie were so helpful to provide all the information about O1 visa and supported my application.

Jakub Polaczyk

I’m just writing in to say thank you. Stern Deeds helped me get established in NY and even helped me develop my career in the US. I really appreciate the work that they did and still do for me today!

Marie Martin

Stern Deeds were extremely helpful in making introductions and securing work.

Peter Crystal

I am so thrilled! I'm sure I would not be where I am if not for you


Stern Deeds made me realize that I really was an alien with extraordinary abilities and that I did not need to be the winner of the Academy Award to be able to obtain the O-1 visa.

Fabrizio Famá

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